How long does it take until I get the harvest from a plant?
The plants are harvested every 2-3 months. This depends on various factors, such as e.g, the strain of cannabis used. Longer growing periods, for example, ensure better harvest results. The plants are then dried for 2 weeks. After this time we will credit your harvesting profits to your account. As as soon as the plants have been harvested, we will immediately insert new cuttings. Therefore, you will receive a harvest about every 2.5 months and you can either have it delivered to you or sell it to us.

Do I have to buy a new plant after every harvest?
No, you don't need to do this, as the plant dies after each harvest. We cover our running costs with the profits from the harvest and obtain new plants free of additional charges for you.

Disclaimer: The amount harvested depends on the light conditions, fertilizers, irrigation, and a variety of other factors. The harvest can vary between 50 and 60 g. We have calculated The expected value with an average price of 2 EUR per gram. This price can be higher or lower depending on supply/demand. We cannot guarantee a buyer or stable prices for your harvested CBD, the quality and quantity are optimized from crop to crop and are increased in the best-case scenario.


Where can I find the bank details after (accidentally) closing the ordering window?
Please open the section "Financial" and click on your order. In the upper, right area there is a button that you can use to review the bank details.

Can I pay my order with multiple bank transactions?
That's no problem. Please indicate your invoice number in each case.

I paid with the wrong currency, what can I do now?
If you aren't sure about the amount missing to fill your order, you can ask our support. Otherwise you can send the missing amount in a second transaction, just add the invoice label.

I paid via bank transfer but my plants haven't arrived yet.
Please wait 5 days before you contact our support. The transactions need 2-5 working days to come through.

I closed my Bitcoin payment process, how can I open a new one?
Please create a new order, your old one will be closed automatically after one week.

I have already received three confirmations regarding my Bitcoin payment, but not the payment itself.
Please write a short message to our support - you may have forgotten the transaction fees. We will check this for you immediately afterward.

I chose the Bitcoin payment option. How long does it take to receive my plants?
After three confirmations in the blockchain, you will receive your plants.


Why do I have two referral links?
One of the referral links leads the user to the registration area quickly and is ideal for easy team building (in case the user already feels sufficiently informed about CannerGrow). The second link, on the other hand, brings the user to the landing page: Here, interested parties can obtain information about CannerGrow and register directly in the second step.