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Participate in the growing cannabis market with Cannergrow
Only very few people are aware of the fact that worldwide there are always supply bottlenecks for medical cannabis. Existing producers are unable to cope with the onslaught and the fact that more and more European countries are legalising cannabis and allowing it as medicine is causing demand to rise rapidly.

Cannergrow addresses this issue and offers private individuals the opportunity to participate in this market. In several locations worldwide, including Switzerland, Cannerald cultivates medical cannabis on over 20,000 m² under almost perfect conditions.

In the near future there will also be own CBD products from Cannerald under the Cannermed brand.

Cannergrow conquers a USD 25 billion market
The market volume of med. cannabis is expected to increase to about 25 billion US dollars in the USA alone by 2025. Worldwide, this figure is even higher. Cannergrow owns all the necessary licenses to be able to successfully get involved here.

In addition to a team of qualified staff and the largest agricultural equipment manufacturers, Cannergrow can deliver the best possible yields for premium quality medical cannabis.


Growing locations
For Cannergrow, the choice of their growing locations has by no means been a coincidence, but rather a wise decision resulting from loose laws relating to cannabis and other favourable factors for setting up such a company. To protect the plantations from sabotage, the sites are protected by security teams and the harvest times are top secret. You will be informed of your harvest one week after harvest time.

Plant Sale
Every digital sold plant will represent a physical cannabis plant in our Growroom's.
We offer this service to our customers who decide to buy a plant over our plant sale. The plants get harvested every 2-3 month, and you don't need to worry about anything as our experts do their job and take care of everything. You will get full control over the harvest. We either ship you your harvested cannabis, or you can sell it and have significant revenue.

The running costs will be subtracted from the harvest and split in 50% to the company and 50% to the customer. We already included this calculation in our packages below.

The space you buy for plants will last a lifetime
as long as the company continues to be liquid and profitable.

The amount harvested depends on many factors
You can find more information about this on the harvest calculator developed for you on this page.

Cannergrow offers you the opportunity to generate additional income
by selling plant plots. This allows you to earn a share of the sales and harvest of your partner.

The team of experts behind Cannergrow
More than a GmbH - a family business
The experience of the older and business-known generation, in combination with the modern strategies of the entire team, are the perfect recipe for success. This is a decisive factor for the success of the company and makes it one of the best investments of today.